Hochatown Escape Games

Hochatown Scavenger Hunt!

This unique Scavenger Hunt experience will take you to beautiful landmarks all over Beavers Bend State Park and surrounding areas. Our goal is to have you finish the Scavenger Hunt while also following a map-guided tour of our beautiful park, hopefully building experiences and memories you may never have otherwise. 

Similar to the escape rooms, this pursuit is also trivial, you must first solve a riddle or puzzle to find it’s related “Point of Interest.” With a variety of these points of interest, your experience is sure to be unique, fun for all ages, and unlike anything you have done before! 

The price is $45 for up to 5 players if you play an escape room.

$17 each if you only experience the scavenger hunt. 

Please stop by the escape room to have one of the game masters get you set up for your adventure.

Please call 580-579- 8901 to book.