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What To Wear


Comfortable Shirt

It’s important that you wear a shirt that is comfortable. This will help your overall axe throwing experience by not wearing something that’s constraining your ability to throw an axe. The best way to test out if you have the right shirt is to do an overhand throw. If the shirt is too tight to make that motion, switch into something a bit more comfortable to let you throw the axe.


Closed Toe Shoes

Please wear closed toe shoes. They don’t have to be boots! Just closed toe. It’s for your safety. While we have yet to have an incident, it’s for your safety. If an axe were to slip out of your hands while you’re walking towards the target, you’ll need medical attention. The axe could cut your feet. Not only that, because we have wood chips that fly off the target, you could risk getting splinters.

How To Throw An Axe


Get a fun group together and decide on a date/time.

You may want to get a few possible dates/times since we book up fast!


Click RESERVE NOW button at your preferred reservation to check availability.


Find a date/time that works for you and your group.

Click BOOK NOW and secure your spot with a deposit.


Feel free to bring your own snacks. We have a variety of beer and our gift shop has various non-alcoholic drinks to choose from.


Hurl some hatchets, play some games, have a tournament but most importantly, HAVE A BLAST!


Bask in the afterglow for weeks to come!


How much is it?
$25/person for 1 hour of axe throwing or $20/person for 30 minutes.

Minimum and maximum group size?
Varies by lane 6-10 people per lane. There are 4 lanes available. Click book now for more details. For special requests send us an email at [email protected]

What should I wear?
Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Can my kids do this?
Minimum age for axe throwing is 10 and any minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Can we take pictures or videos?
Yes, you can most certainly take pictures and videos, in fact, we encourage it!

What are the axe throwing rules?
The rules will be explained to you during the orientation prior to your event.

What if I have to cancel? What’s your policy?
We require 2 weeks notice to modify/reschedule events. Any cancellations will be given credit towards a future date, which is valid for 2 years.

Will someone show us how to throw the axe before we start?
Yes, there will be a brief orientation at the beginning of your event where you will be shown the proper way to throw the axe.

Can people come and just watch or do they have to pay still?
Yes, people are more than welcome to come and cheer on their friends and family at no additional cost to them.

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